zrii purify ~ recap of days 2 -4…headache finally gone!

Yesterday (Day 3 on my Zrii Purify Cleanse) was insanely hectic and it all started with getting a big, exciting shipment in the mail from Zrii!

zrii shipment!

Isn’t that some awesome branding? We all know red is my favorite color and I just love the whole vibe of the company and products. In these two boxes are products for me personally as well as to sell to other holistic-minded people. I couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity. Again – Zrii products are the only products officially endorsed by Deepak Chopra’s Wellness Center…that’s some pretty exciting stuff!

Having a fresh supply of my very own protein powder from Zrii (NutriiVeda Achieve) and the need to eat lunch on the run, I whipped up a Pumpkin Pie Gingerbread Smoothie via Oh She Glows and poured it into the only vessel a classy lady owns….the mason jar. (What can I say…I’m not proud but it worked in a pinch…)

pumpkin pie smoothie with zrii achieve

Who’s curious about why my foot is up on the stove in this picture?

Remember I said yesterday was crazy hectic? Yes…I was meeting a Swami and yes…I was nervous about what one wears to meet a Swami. I did pose the question on Twitter and got all sorts of titillating ideas but alas, khakis with black top and my very favorite red patent Danskos won out since I was volunteering for a book launch at Kitchen in the Market later in the night.

And because I both needed to take a shot of my uber-classy smoothie to go and my footwear for the evening to post for all interested and because I was in a hurry…I took one picture….hence my foot on the stove.

I told you it was a crazy busy day!

And OMG!!!!! I met a Swami and I’ll not lie…it was pretty fricking cool.

So…How Am I Doing on My Cleanse (you ask)?

I’m doing great…thanks for asking!

Day 2

I already wrote about the start of Day 2 but the effects of the cleanse really started to kick in by night of Day 2. I went from feeling on top of the world to feeling almost flu-like. It wasn’t terrible horrible but I did feel sluggish and achy and had a headache (unusual for me) so I decided snuggling with husband on the couch was of top-most importance for the evening. Oh yes…and watching Survivor…love Survivor (don’t be a judger, lol!)

Using the detox oil on my salad each night truly is the way to go…it’s delicious with a titch of balsamic vinegar drizzled in.

Day 3

I woke up with a horrible headache on Day 3 and it really didn’t go away until half-way thru Day 4 (today). I took to Facebook to ask about natural headache remedies (suggestions included Rosemary Essential Oil and Tiger Balm) but finally caved and had a couple of acetaminophen which did help.

As I said above, yesterday was crazy busy but in no way did the effects of the cleanse slow me down or dampen my day…instead it was actually one of the best, most inspiring days I’ve had in a bit (I mentioned I met a SWAMI right?!? And he liked me!!!!)

Night of Day 3 was nothing special other than the sluggishness that plagued me on night of Day 2 was gone and I felt fairly energized well into the evening.

Plus – no emergency runs to the bathroom so I count that as a win!

Day 4 (today)

I woke with a very slight headache but by noon is was entirely gone with zero help. I’m feeling less bloaty (than before the cleanse) and energy levels are great! I think I’m on the other side of the side effects (headaches, general aches, etc are all normal signs the detox is doing it’s thing and getting the toxins out of your body) and will only go up (metaphorically speaking of course) from here.

All in all I’m very pleased with the cleanse thus far. The fiber could be a little more palatable to drink with water but you don’t even notice it in a smoothie so that’s something to consider the next time I do a cleanse…just plan on more smoothies!

I did have a few more trips to the bathroom today but nothing I couldn’t manage while I was out and about. Some cleanses I’ve used in the past have near doubled me over followed by a sprint to the bathroom and no..that is not fun. I’m happy with how gentle but cleansing the tummy stuff has been thus far.

More to come over the weekend as I go through the last half of my cleanse!

peace, jen

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  1. amanda kp
    November 11, 2011 | 10:41 PM

    I love the box design! totally thinking of doing this cleanse, sounds like something that we all could benefit from.
    amanda kp recently posted..The Heart and Soul of Our Thanksgiving TablesMy Profile

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